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This content resource is an index of links to interactive sites, challenging students to solve mysteries using a variety of math principles. Students read the stories, solve the problems, and answer the questions, using clues embedded in the stories to discover the solution.

Math Lesson Plans and Worksheets. Within this section of The Teacher's Corner, you will find resources that cover all areas of math: counting, fractions, measurement, story problems, telling time, and more.

Nov 12, 2011 · Artie Ounces Soda Jerk - read the client order, then fill the order using standard units in this interactive game from Mr. Nussbaum ; Capacity Worksheets - These printable measurement worksheets for measuring capacity or volume. These worksheets use standard, customary units: gallons, quarts, pints, and math games reading comprehension worksheets sheets mr nussbaum free. grade reading comprehension worksheets multiple choice lovely with math mr nussbaum free . revolution reading comprehension french and war worksheets together with best us history mr nussbaum . Online and Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets – Read a paragraph or essay on any topic you select and answer multiple choice questions about it. Use either the online or offline versions. Topics include the American Revolution, the Silk Road, Galaxies, Lewis and Clark, Peregrine Falcons, etc. Jan 10, 2020 · Math: Ch. 5 (online) on Monday or Tuesday. Students reviewed the practice test today but can go over it this weekend or Monday. The review test is located in their textbook at the end of chapter 5.

If you'd like a website that you can use to create your own worksheets with a few clicks, here's one: There are some for science and reading, too. You can select from grades 1-5 at the top of the screen. There are even some algebra and geometry worksheets!