Fool in love line dance step sheet

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25-32 Step-Lock-Step, Side, Cross, Point, Cross-Shuffle 1-3 (slightly facing diagonal) Step back on left, lock right over left, step back on left 4 Step right to side 5-6 Cross left over right, point right to side 7&8 Cross right over left, step left to side, cross right over left 33-40 Fool In Love - 2 von 2

Jun 14, 2012 · 48 Count, 2 Wall, Beginner / Intermediate Level Line Dance Choreographed by: Andrew & Sheila (Nov 09) Music: "A Fool in Love" by Ike & Tina Turner CD: Fool i... 2 Step right foot to the right 3 Step left foot to left diagonal 4 Cross right foot in front of left foot 5 Step left foot the left (6:00) 6 Cross right foot behind left foot Choreography: Sue Wilkinson Description: 48 count, 2 wall, beginner waltz line dance Music: Kenny Rogers – Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight

Where it all began. The Line Dance Foundation (LDF) was founded in 2007 by Betty Drummond of Linedancer Magazine. Its purpose is to support people involved with Line dance who face difficult times through illness, accident or other distressing circumstances which affects their ability to earn their living. My Choreography . A Cowboys Toughest Ride A Good Thing A Moment Like This . A Woman's Love - Video . Back in Style Best Intentions By My Side Clowning Around Cool To Be A Fool Copacabana Cowboys Like Us Dancin' All Around Do I . Far & Away NEW He's Got You He Rocks Honesty Honky Tonk Angel Hung The Moon I Remember I Wanna Know If Only If You Ever 7, 8 Step Left foot forward to Left diagonal, touch Right foot next to Left (10.30) Section 4: Step Right Back, Point Left, Step Back Left , Point Right, Jazz Box with ¼ Turn, Cross. 1, 2 Step back onto Right foot , Point Left foot to Left side. 3, 4 Step back onto Left foot, Point Right foot to Right side.