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Fire-Lite FM998 Electromagnetic Door Holder, Flush-Wall Mount, 12VDC, 24VAC/DC, 120VAC The Fire-Lite FM998 is a flush wall-mount electromagnetic single door holder. Often used on fire and smoke barrier doors, the FM980 is designed to hold open doors until released by a remote smoke detector or switching device.

FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets make your business—and the world—more resilient. Access them free of charge through or MyRisk®, our secure client extranet. Access FM Global Data Sheets

roofing industry, we also often use Factory Mutual . FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets . 1-28 to determine wind loads. Until 2002, the methods used by ASCE and FM were substantially different. The 2002 revision of the FM 1-28 document, with a few exceptions, adopted the ASCE method. Now that they are so similar, can they be May 08, 2014 · “FM Data Sheet 8-1 Commodity Classification” offers assistance in identifying the commodity hazard of your storage. Data Sheet 8-9 organizes its eight commodity hazards into five distinct protection classes, lumping Class 1, 2, and 3 commodities into one group, and Class 4 commodities and cartooned-unexpanded plastics into a second group. Both FM Global Loss Prevention Data Sheet 1-49 and industry standards provide recommendations and guidelines on woodblocking construction and attachment. FM Global (“FMG”) publishes recommendations only for concrete, masonry and steel decks in the Loss Prevention Data Sheets.

FM Series Electromagnetic Door Holders: df-51410: Addressable Detectors & Modules: H355(A) df-52385: Addressable Detectors & Modules: H365(A) Series Addressable Thermal Detectors Data Sheet: H365_DF-61011: Addressable Detectors & Modules: HG/SHG Series Electronic Horns: df-51591: Audio/Visual Devices: HPS-DPR Intellignet Low-Profile Plug-in ... The ANSUL FM-200 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System is approved by Factory Mutual (FM) and listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for Class A, B and C fires. Safe for use in occupied areas at the design concentration, the system helps protect critical infrastructure and delivers effective asset protection. approval requirements. FM-Approved roof-ing products and assemblies, the ratings Calculator, rooing-related FM Global property loss prevention Data Sheets, FM Approval Standards, etc. are published in . roofNav ( This paper will discuss the latest revi-sions made to FM 4470 and what these revisions may mean to consultants.