Hpna 3 1 specification sheet

SmartClass™ Home HPNA Inside Wiring and Networks Service Meter Key Features • Easy-to-use, accurate, and economical handheld test instru- ment • HPNA v3.1 tests mode B coax or twisted-pair nodes

Nov 08, 2006 · The HomePNA Alliance, backers of a networking spec that works over coaxial or twisted pair wiring, has announced the release of the HPNA 3.1 specification. The big news comes in the form of a ...

technical Specifications mediaAccess c2100t for centurylink Wireless .11ac Smart Ultra-Broadband Gateway with Integrated Video Bridge and HPNA Hardware Specifications Interfaces WAN 2 RJ-11 DSL line ports 1 Ethernet WAN 10/100/1000 Base-T port Interfaces LAN 4-port autosensing 10/100/1000 Base-T auto-MDI/MDI-X Ethernet LAN switch HPNA 3.1 interface I'm sure there is a lot more to HPNA than what I use it for, but... I use it to grab configurations from all the devices on my network. I then take those config snapshots and compare it to a bunch of custom rules I've created within HPNA to make sure all the devices on my network are configured to an certain agreed upon standard. Data Sheet Page 1 of 2 DigiStar Ethernet over Coax (EoC) HPNA Module The DigiStar Ethernet over Coax (EoC) system is designed to combine a CATV signal with Ethernet data for transmission to a subscriber’s home through the existing coax access network. The E220 is the aggregation point of the DigiStar EoC system. The DigiStar EoC HPNA Module is environments. The low port to port isolation allows HPNA communication signals to pass through the splitters to set top boxes with as little signal loss as possible. At the same time, the GHPNA Series splitters provide good return loss and isolation for in band frequencies other than HPNA. Model: GHPNA Series 2 way, 3 way, 4 way, and 6 way ... Two custom chips designed using the HPNA specifications were developed by Broadcom and make up the core of the HomePNA card's architecture: The small 4100 chip on the left acts as a transceiver between the larger chip and the signal being received over the phone line from another computer.

1, VDSL 1 HPNA, 1 MoCA Number Other Ports (e.g. USB, POTS, etc) 1 USB Mass Storage Yes, USB Hard Disk 802.11b Support 802.11g Support Yes Channel Bonding Support for 5 GHz 802.11n USB for Hard Disk 128 bit WPA2 802.11n, bonded 802.11n e.g. DOCSIS 3.0, VDSL, ADSL 2.0 Cable, Antenna in Box, None Wireless Test Setup Type only 4 ports are available ... 1.800.755.1950 www.kgplogistics.com » Every coax jack can be a home network connection » Allows Ethernet devices to share broadband Internet access » Two 10/100M fast Ethernet ports to network, DSL/cable modem, router, switch, PC, IP STB (Set Top Box), IP gaming station, IP camera, etc. » Synchronous MAC with full QoS support