Greater than me line dance step sheet for american

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Line dance stepsheet by Maggie Gallagher ANGLETERRE U K Avril 2015 called Greater Than Me (Fr) for music Greater - MercyMe - BPM 116. ... STEP, ½ LEFT PIVOT, RIGHT ...

The global number of participants is difficult to establish, however, it is arguably in the many millions if not tens of millions. The participants are often linked together by social media and line dance themed websites. These sites offer step sheets and videos demonstrating various dances to specific songs. Stepsheets can be saved locally to allow for use when there is no internet connection available, with facilities to search for sheets based on the Title, Choreographer, Music or Any Category. Lists of the CopperKnob websites most recent and most popular linedances are provided along with Music, Demo and Tutorial videos for each stepsheet. Australian Line Dance Choreography (linedance) A home for Australian line dance step sheets See the Main Page (link below) for instructions on submitting stepsheets. I'm adding a link below for a Free Office program called Apache Open Office. You can use it to open word and spreadsheet documents if you don't have Microsoft Office. I use this program myself and it is compatible with Microsoft Office. Description: 32 count, 4 wall, low intermediate line dance Music: American Kids by Kenny Chesney Start dancing on lyrics HEEL, TOGETHER, HEEL TOGETHER, WALK, WALK, TOUCH TWICE 1-2 Touch right heel forward, step right together 3-4 Touch left heel forward, step left together 5-6 Step right forward, step left forward

Steppin' Out Country Dancers Alle dansen zijn in PDF-formaat, mocht u ze niet openkrijgen kan u de ... Dance With Me *** Dance With Me Tonight ... Greater Than Me ... Come Dance With Me Line Dance Steps Sheet COMPLETE LIST OF DWP DANCES.while I have taught all of these, we Come Dance With Me Two Step Line Dance (Ultra Beginner) Teach and Demo. Line dance step sheets for popular songs. Here are the step sheets and videos to some of Scooter Lee's favorite/ popular songs. Come Dance With Me.